Where Is Your God?


                                                          Sad, gde je vaš bog?
                                                          Da li on čuje vaše molitve?
                                                          Da li on uopšte brine za vas?
                                                          Njegovo ćutanje govori glasno i čisto...



The enemy has come for you
Hear the pounding thunder hooves
There's no time to run or hide
Draw the weapon from your side

When they ride out
From morning mist
With sharp blades in mighty fists
One hundred warriors on horse
An awesome brutal force

You feel weak and scared
Fear has gripped your heart
You will soon be over run
You will soon be torn apart

Now, where is your god?
Does he hear your prayers?
Does he even care for you?
His silence speaks loud and clean

Raid is done!
See the country burn
All are gone!
Only misery remains
Raid is done!
The warriors return
All are gone!
All that's left is pain

The SERBIAN strike
So fast and hard
Those who run won't make it far
And those who chose to stand and fight
They have made the choice to die

The weapons tear through flesh and bone
Dying men that scream and moan
With severed limbs
To the hall of death